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Seasonable thoughts on the state of religion in New-England, : a treatise in five parts. I. Faithfully pointing out the things of a bad and dangerous tendency, in the late, and present, religious appearance, in the land. II. Representing the obligations which lie upon the pastors of these churches in particular, and upon all in general, to use their endeavours to suppress prevailing disorders; with the great danger of a neglect in so important a matter. III. Opening, in many instances, wherein the discouragers of irregularities have been injuriously treated. IV. Shewing what ought to be corrected, or avoided, in testifying against the evil things of the present day. V. Directing our thot's more positively, to what may be judged the best expedients, to promote pure and undefiled religion in these times. : With a preface giving an account of the Antinomians, Familists and Libertines, who infected these churches, above an hundred years ago: very needful for these days; the like spirit, and errors, prevailing now as did then. The whole being intended, and calculated, to serve the interest of Christ's kingdom

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